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Why McMahon wore the Bears jersey when the Packers visited the White House originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Here’s a little Bears trivia for you: Jim McMahon, quarterback for the legendary 1985 Bears, won a second Super Bowl with the team’s No. 1 rival, the Green Bay Packers. Also, when the Pack made their championship trip to the White House in 1997, McMahon was not wearing green and gold. He went in his Bears jersey.

It sounds like a crazy decision given the historic rivalry between the two franchises, but McMahon offered a simple explanation for the decision to wear orange and blue when visiting the Packers on a recent episode of “Good Morning Football“.

“When we won, in ’85, we couldn’t go to the White House,” McMahon said on the NFL Network. “The space shuttle (Challenger) exploded two days after we won, so all the attention was on that, which was legit. But I think they could have infiltrated the Bears at some point between when I went with the Packers.

“I explained it to all my teammates in Green Bay. I explained it to the coaches, what I was going to do. I said, ‘I’m going to represent our team in Chicago.’ I actually called a couple of my old linemen and said, “Send me your shirts, and I’ll hold them during the team photo as well.” I just wanted to represent Team Bear who never got to go.

The Bears eventually made the trip to the White House themselves, but that was much later, in 2011, when Barack Obama was in power.

“I know some of the Green Bay fans may have been upset,” McMahon said. “But I think the coaches and the players knew what I was doing.”

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