“ Zero Time to Listen ” to discuss QB competition with Teddy Bridgewater

Whether it’s the fans screaming from the stands, the media clamoring for answers, or the buzz of social media, noise is still rife for NFL players and especially quarterbacks. The volume is however increased to 11 for QB competitions.

And while the chatter has been buzzing around for some time now, it’s still early in the process and Lock and Bridgewater are saying the right things.

It remains to be seen how long that will last, as the competition is nowhere near its conclusion.

“Not really,” Fangio said Monday when asked if any of his quarterbacks could create an OTA split. “It may be a separation in the minds of some people, but until we get to practice at least 11v11, you have to hold back a lot of judgment. Elevenv11, and ultimately, the preseason games. will be the truth. “

There will be no QB1 decision or fear of discussing who will be QB1 anytime soon.

“Honestly, I keep my head down and control what I can control,” Bridgewater said. “I tell everyone. In this job you have to wear big-boy drawers, and I wear them. A lot can happen in this job. Every day is an opportunity for me to improve myself as a as a person, as a teammate, as a family member, and in all aspects that I can. When it all came out, I really didn’t know until someone brought it to my be careful. I am sometimes in my small world and away from football. When the news broke, I don’t even remember what I was doing. Like I said, this is a business and I understand the nature of this business. “

At 28, Bridgewater is a veteran who has started 20 games in the past two seasons and 49 since being drafted by the Vikings in the first round in 2014. Despite his veteran label, however, he is learning offense. and adjusts. to a cool environment.

“I’m sure there’s some rust and a bit of unease about what exactly we’re doing,” Fangio said, “but I’m sure there’s a lot of carry over to what there is. done in other places. “

Lock, meanwhile, is just 24 and is entering his third year with 18 starts in the past two seasons. Although he’s technically the outgoing starter, he’s competing not only to earn the QB1 spot, but to keep hope he can be the franchise’s quarterback of the future.

Although Bridgewater and Lock are at very different points in their careers, they are each aiming to move to Denver, vying for the same goal and taking the same point of view on how to handle it in terms of blocking the noise.

Make no mistake, however, there is a battle going on in Denver.

“I’m here to compete and do whatever you can to be the best quarterback on this team,” Lock said. “That’s the state of mind I have right now. It’s going to be fun. I’m so glad to be able to go out there and have this competition, push myself to a whole new level that I couldn’t possibly have. – not be reached without it. “

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